Say No Mo
Nail Bar

44 Volodymyrska
Kyiv, Ukraine
Space “Lift 99”


Intersection of a nail salon and legit cocktail bar for modern women in Kyiv.

The main idea of the naming was based on the phrase “Say No More” — that has the additional underline “talk less because I am busy with my beauty routine”. And even less that we decided to cut even words “more”.

Letters in the logotype are shifted to different sides, and “A”, “N”, “M” have wavy elements that convey a chill mood of the salon.

The branding design idea is not so obvious but it conveys the right mood of the brand. Thin lines of the circle give you a little hint of the champagne bubbles, you can see it on the website, packaging, and social media posts.

This case shows the importance of the holistic approach for the brands when each detail is connected. We start from strategy, naming, and identity, then implement to life website design, prepare photo content and social media starter pack. Art-direction under all the services gives a strong feeling of the Say No Mo aesthetic.


• Strategy
• Naming
• Logotype
• Identity
• Packaging
• Brand elements
• Website design
• Photo Shooting
• Social Media Kit

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Kyiv, Ukraine. Saksaganskogo 129